Details About Marcus Rashford’s New Girlfriend Erica Correa And ex-Lucia Loi

Marcus Rashford, the Manchester United and England national team star, is not just known for his football prowess but also for his impactful charity efforts. Recently, the spotlight has turned to his love life, focusing on his new girlfriend, Erica Correa, and his ex, Lucia Loi. This blog details Marcus Rashford’s current girlfriend, Erica Correa, and his ex, Lucia Loi.

Who is Marcus Rashford?

Marcus Rashford is a name that refers to skill, determination, and generosity. Rashford developed through the Manchester United junior program. The Manchester United star was born in Manchester, England, on October 31, 1997.

He made his first-team debut in 2016 and has since established himself as a crucial player for his club and the national team. Off the pitch, Rashford is very well-known for his campaign against child food poverty in the United Kingdom, which has earned him national and global recognition.

Marcus Rashford’s Relationship History

Fans and the media frequently focus on Rashford’s love life. His personal life is often discussed, whether for long-term romances or new loves. Lucia Loi, his ex-partner, and Erica Correa, his new girlfriend, are two major women in his life.

Introducing Erica Correa

Erica Correa

Erica Correa is the current girlfriend of Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford. Erica, a model, started dating Rashford in early 2024. Since then, the couple has made multiple public appearances, attracting attention from fans and the media.

Moreover, she is recognized for her outstanding modeling career and engaging personality. She has received a lot of attention for her work in the fashion business, which highlights her creativity and flair. Consequently, Erica’s connection with Rashford has prompted interest in her background, age, job, and relationship history.

As Rashford’s current partner, Correa has become a key character in questions regarding his personal life and dating past. Thus, their relationship continues to be a topic of public fascination.

Erica Correa’s Background

Erica Correa

Erica Correa is well-known for her attractive personality and strong social media presence. Although she keeps a low profile, her history covers professional and personal interests. She has swiftly gained popularity among Rashford’s fans.

The Connection Between Rashford and Correa

Rashford and Erica Correa

Rashford and Correa’s connection seems to be growing. They appear to have a close relationship because they have shared several memories on social media.

Additionally, they appear to enjoy each other’s company, both in private and in public. Furthermore, their timeline together is continuously evolving.

Marcus Rashford And Erica Correa’s Future Plans

Marcus Rashford and Erica Correa’s plans remain mainly private. However, their deepening bond indicates they are looking forward to a joint future. Both have focused on their respective careers—Rashford in football and Correa in modeling—while, at the same time, supporting each other.

Moreover, their shared appearances and social media posts suggest a close relationship and likely commitment to the future. This has captured fans’ interest in their next moves together. Whether it involves their personal achievements or professional collaborations, their dynamic connection continues to attract the public’s awe.

Who is Lucia Loi?

Lucia Loi is well known as the ex-girlfriend of Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford. She and Rashford had a long-term relationship after connecting in school. As a public relations professional, Lucia has been Rashford’s biggest supporter throughout his career.

The pair frequently appeared in public together. Additionally, Lucia was renowned for being a quiet yet supportive figure in Rashford’s life. Despite their eventual breakup, Lucia Loi has maintained a positive public reputation. She has done so by concentrating on her professional and personal efforts.

Lucia Loi’s Background

Lucia Loi is renowned for her brilliance and attractiveness. She holds a degree in advertising and brand management and is particularly interested in public relations. Her social media profile shows both personal and professional successes.

Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi Breakup

Marcus Rashford ex Lucia Loi

Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi’s separation signified the end of a significant period in their life. The pair had been together since they were in school, and Lucia was a staunch supporter of Rashford’s football career. Despite their close connection, they chose to split ways while keeping the reasons under wraps.

Following the separation, Rashford and Lucia concentrated on their professions and their personal growth. Lucia, a public relations specialist, has kept a decent public image and continues to share her successes on social media. Rashford, meanwhile, continues to succeed on the football field, and both are making strides on their respective paths.

Comparing Erica Correa and Lucia Loi

Lucia Loi vs Erica Correa

While both Erica Correa and Lucia Loi have played important roles in Rashford’s life, they bring special qualities and experiences to their roles. Erica is quieter and has only lately stepped into the public eye. On the other hand, Lucia was a long-term partner who grew up with Rashford. Both ladies have had a lasting effect on Rashford’s life, albeit in different ways.


Who is Erica Correa?

Erica Correa, Marcus Rashford’s current girlfriend, is renowned for her active social media presence and relatively private life.

What does Lucia Loi do for a living?

Lucia Loi holds a degree in advertising and brand management and works in public relations.

How long did Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi date?

Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi dated for almost eight years.

How did Marcus Rashford and Erica Correa meet?

Marcus Rashford and Erica Correa met through mutual friends.

What are Marcus Rashford’s plans?

Marcus Rashford plans to continue his football career while increasing his charity campaigns, focusing on child food poverty and education.

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